Our Projects


Veritas Botswana (PTY) Ltd.

We specialize in manufacturing Energy producing products. including Biomass Generators, Hydrogen Generators and Solar Power Generators.

Our three divisions are: - Biomass Generator Division
- Solar and Hydrogen Generator Division
- Aircraft Manufacturing Division
- Real-Estate Development Division

Our Energy producing Ibert (Pty) Ltd. is a leading independent designer, manufacturer and supplier of traditional biogas Anaerobic Digesters, and has constructed more than 160 small dedicated biogas plants throughout Europe.

Ibert has developed and commercialised the 2G biochemistry technology RaCBio Rapid Cellulose Bio Reactor


Worldwide Wedding & Events

Pritchardia through its subsidiary Worldwide Wedding & Events (WWWE) offers professional worldwide event and wedding coordination.

We have a worldwide network of experienced professionals, coordinators, planners and venues at our discretion.

The Company will engage local and regional wedding and event planners and coordinators to provide the equipment and services, while Pritchardia executes sustainable, revenue-generating land-use agreements that enable commercial weddings, events and celebrations in each location without harming the environment.

WWWE is currently focused on events and weddings on the Hawaiian Islands.


Loulu Palm

Loulu Palm is the startup company of Prichardia in Hawaii

As an agribusiness, the company is dedicated to the propagation of the endangered Loulu Palm. We cultivate species endemic to our islands. We nurture many varieties of fruits and vegetables. Plants grown on our beachside farm end up in the yards (and bellies) of our neighbors.

Sharing the fruits of our labor brings us deep satisfaction. We love this land and appreciate it all the more when we can share its bounty and beauty with our community and our guests. Visitors will experience Hawaii as it should be - exquisite, verdant, and a little wild. The adventures created and shared are pure storybook magic. The loulu palm experience will not only thrill your guests but it will enhance their appreciation for Hawaii's rare environment.

Loulu Palm is listed as #21 in America’s 65 Highest-Rated Wedding Venues!
#21 Loulu Palm (Haleiwa, Hawaii)


Foil Air

Pritchardia's Foil Air company is a new niche in the transportation industry! Grown out of Para-Gliding, Kite-Surfing and Sailing this technology provides a new sporty way of travel with many huge enviromental advantages.

  • Boat flies 5 to 200 feet over water
  • This design will break all sailing records
  • Can handle any sea condition at 60+ Knots
  • No Sea sickness in any seas
  • Foil holds the boat down and not up
  • Foil depth is adjustable from the cockpit 5-100 feet depth adjustment
  • On a single tack less then two days from San Francisco to Hawaii

(Website is password protected, please contact us for credentials)


Pritchardia Stemcell JV

We plan to invest in or joint venture with entities engaged in stem cells technology.

  1. Stem cells that are pre-differentiated to a particular phenotype, i.e. neurons or pancreatic islet cells;
  2. Induced pluripotent cells that are pre-differentiated to a particular phenotype;
  3. Autologous adult stem cells for their factor secreting activity;
  4. Allogenic stem cells but use them for their secreting factors to stimulate the body's healing and/or secreting factors to modulate the immune system; and/or
  5. Autologous cells from tissues harvested from the patient.


TIRBO Prospecting Div.

TIRBO Acquisition System (Total Integrated Relational Business Opportunities) a propriety prospecting system for acquisitions. This system allows Pritchardia to acquire, businesses and real estate 10% to 70% of value.

TIRBO will complement Pritchardia by developing the full potential of the Holding Company, providing the entire search and prospecting needs that are vital to Pritchardia providing the means for future growth that would not have otherwise been possible.

TIRBO specializes in finding unlisted Industrial, Commercial, Income Residential, Specialty and high-end Residential estates, including farms, ranches and rare scenic vistas and historical landmarks.


Light Force Gaming Software

The LightForce is an online game under development with board game spin offs in the making.

There are plenty of other online games in many genres including War Games, Ghetto Drug Lords, Soldier of Fortune most of which deal with war, violence, sex, criminal activity and a fantasy based activity that is meant to shock and awe and provide emotional experience that few would ever want to be involved in.

We differentiate ourselves by offering moral, ethical and healthier content than the trendy games and LightForce provides spiritual warfare tools, weapons and strategy to flourish and conquer that which would destroy us with knowledge and salvation.


Lux Fun Hawaii

Lux Fun Hawaii is another hospitality subsidiary of Prtichardia Ltd.

Based in Honolulu, our 54-foot yacht has been detailed to service the Hawaiian Islands unlike any other of its kind with a three-person exploration submarine also equipped with a scuba dive & rebreather filling station.

The Avery Claire is also equipped with a Zodiac inflatable speedboat and can be used for water activities such as wakeboarding, water skiing, fishing or just a thrill cruise.

The Avery Claire experience is unparalleled as an attractive 5-Star activity anchored at the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor, just a few minutes away from the Ala Moana Shopping Mall.

Lux Fun’s Avery Claire was featured in Hawaii’s Five-O Kai é e (Tidal Wave) episode.
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